Vincent Laubepin
Vincent Laubepin Head Sales Agent +34 621 626 334

About Vincent

Vincent is the latest addition to the Primrose Real Estate team. After nearly 30 years working in senior positions in the Swiss luxury and tourism industries, Vincent decided to follow his passion and move into real estate. He is fluent in four languages, speaking French, Spanish, English and German.

Which local wines would you recommend that people moving to the area try?

In my opinion, the area is home to some really interesting local wine producers in Spain. There is a Manilva wine which is produced literally on our doorstep with a local harvest on a small scale – those with a sweet tooth will enjoy its aromatic flavours. Cadiz is just a short journey away, the diverse Atlantic climate means there are some really unique wines. Sherry fans – of course – should make time to go on a sherry-tasting tour in the town of Jerez in Cadiz, which is known for being the sherry capital of the world.

Which local tapas dish is a must-try?

Gosh, there are so many great local dishes. The “jamon Iberico” (Iberico ham) because it’s easy to share and it tastes amazing. The fried Jalapeño peppers with cheese inside are a delicious mix of spice and milder flavours. There is also a local ‘delicacy’ called “montadito de carne mechá” – it’s slices of cooked pork or beef inside a warm bun – add a squeeze of lemon to it too – it’s absolute perfection, trust me!

Favourite time of year weather-wise and why?

We’re extremely lucky with the local climate, on average there are more than 300 days of sunshine a year (which is as delightful as it sounds). If I had to pick my favourite season, I would say from April to June, because it’s not as busy as July and August, but the temperatures are perfectly pleasant (think daily averages of 20 to 26 degrees and very little rainfall).

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